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Installing Azure Pack extensions without Internet access

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This article provides an alternative to the procedure in Installing the latest Windows Azure Pack extensions for computers without Internet access. This happens most often when the Windows Azure Pack Usage API is installed separately from the Admin Site.

To install the admin extension on a separate Usage API computer

  1. On a computer with Internet access, launch the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.
  2. Click the Products category and then use the navigation or search controls to find the appropriate extension:
    • Cloud Cruiser for Windows Azure Pack: Admin Site Extension
    • Cloud Cruiser for Windows Azure Pack: Tenant Site Extension
  3. Click Add to add the extension to the installation queue, then click the Items to be installed link in the bottom left corner.
    The Cart appears, showing the item you added and its dependencies.
  4. Next to the extension name, click Direct Download Link.
    This downloads the installer for the extension, an MSI file. You don't need the installers for the other items in the Cart.
  5. Copy the installer to your Windows Azure Pack Usage API computer.
  6. Launch the installer and follow the prompts to install the extension.
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