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Collecting from 3PAR

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This article explains how to retrieve usage data in CSV format from a 3PAR storage array that you can then collect using the CSV and Flat File Collector.

Before you begin

Install the 3PAR command line interface (CLI) on the Cloud Cruiser server.

To retrieve 3PAR usage data

  • From the bin folder of the 3PAR CLI, run the following command:
    cli -sys <3parIpAddress> -csvtable -pwf "<passwordFile>" showvv -s > "<outputFile>"

Where <3parIpAddress> is the IP address of the 3PAR array, <passwordFile> is a file containing an account and password for the array, and <outputFile> is the CSV file to be written. For example:

cli -sys -csvtable -pwf "C:\test\3par.txt" showvv -s > "C:\cc-working\usage_files\3PAR\20141231.csv"

You can run this command from an ETL flow using a Run Script step, enabling you to automate collection.

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