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Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server licensing issue

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When Cloud Cruiser Analytics Server is installed on a machine running a non-English language locale, license activation fails with the following message:

The license key you entered is for CloudCruiserServer, which doesn't match the product you want to activate

This is a known issue with the current version of the Analytics Server installer. A required DLL is not copied to the appropriate locale's resource directory. This article provides instructions for performing this file copy manually and retrying license activation.


To resolve this issue, perform the following procedure.

  1. Exit the license dialog​ to skip validation.
  2. Once complete, navigate to the <install_dir>\Analytics Server\8.1\bin folder.
    For example, the default location on a ​​64-bit system is C:\Program Files\CloudCruiser\Analytics Server\8.1\bin.
  3. Copy the tableau-oem.dll file to the clipboard.
  4. From the bin directory, locate the appropriate locale directory in the res subdirectory.
    For example, the French locale directory is <install_dir>\Analytics Server\8.1\bin\res\fr_FR.
  5. Paste the tableau-oem.dll file into the locale directory.
  6. Launch the Manage Product Keys utility and retry activating the license.
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