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Cisco IAC: Retrieving a raw XML file

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When designing a Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) collection, you might want to see source XML for a full collection rather than just the sample records visible in the Advanced Configuration editor. You can do this by writing the raw XML retrieved by the collector to a file.

To write XML to a file

  1. Edit the XML job file for the collection.
  2. In the bean, add an xmlOutput property with its value set to a valid file path.
    For example:
    <property name="xmlOutput" value="/usr/local/cc-working/usage_files/allserviceitems.xml" />
  3. Run the collection.

Any further changes you make to the collection in the ETL interface will overwrite this XML file, but the xmlOutput property is usually only needed for a single run and not used in production.

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