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Adding v3 properties to v4 jobs

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If when editing a workbook in HPE Consumption Analytics Portal 4 a step or processor is missing a property that existed in HPE Consumption Analytics Portal 3, you can add that property via the underlying job file.

Before you begin

Finalize the flow on the worksheet in question so that you have no further edits to make, then save the workbook.

To add a missing property

  1. Make a copy, in the same folder, of the job file for the worksheet.
    The file is <working_dir>/jobs/<workbook_name>/<worksheet_name>.xml.
  2. Open the new file in a text editor and add the missing property.
    ​If you are not familiar with editing HPE Consumption Analytics Portal's batch XML jobs, this information might help:
  3. Edit the job ID to match the name of the new job file.
    This is in a line near the top containing batch:job id. For example, if your file is named newjob.xml this line should read:
    <batch:job id="newjob" parent="ccjob">
  4. Save the file.

Your job is ready to run. You can run or schedule it from the Data > Processing > Scheduling window, but cannot run it with the workbook's Run button.

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