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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Searching this site

Search options

There are different ways you can search

You can perform your search from the home page:


Or you can use the Search field in the banner at the top of any other page in the site:


By default, the search runs against all categories on the site.  You can filter to narrow the scope of your search.

Search result elements and filtering

Search results and filtering options are shown below the page banner:


Left column

  • Filter Results - you can expand or collapse each of the three options:
    • Location - filter by category
    • Classification - filter by article type (Category, Guide, Topic, How-To, or Reference)
    • Include attachments (toggle)

Right column

  • Search field - shows your search criteria
  • Search breadcrumbs - reflects the location(s) searched (see below screenshot for a better illustration) 
  • Number of search results
  • Search results list
    • Page Title (hyperlinked to page)
    • Page URL
    • Page Summary - First 200 characters, or if there is no Page Summary, an algorithm generates the most relevant summary from the page content
  • Show More Results button

Filtered results example

This example shows the selection results filtered by Location - HPE Consumption Analytics platform Docs (it also shows the Classification options expanded):