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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Viewing cost

The All Tracked Cost card provides an at-a-glance look at IT cost across hybrid cloud and cloud providers on your HPE GreenLake Central dashboard. This feature displays all cost from your HPE Consumption Analytics platform account in a configurable donut chart:


Understanding the chart

The chart legend shows the total cost for each value in the currency of the tenant.  The values are listed in descending order of cost. 

If there are more than 6 values for the cost variable selected in the chart settings, 'n more' is shown as the 6th row, with the rolled-up cost of the remaining values.

If you want to update the display, you can select a different cost variable and/or change the date range by clicking the settings icon.

You can select from the following options in the Group By pulldown:

  • Account ID
  • Cost Center
  • Product
  • Provider
  • Service Category



You can select a date range from options in the Period pulldown:
The 16 available options range from Yesterday to Current Year (or Previous Year).


The All Tracked Cost card will update based on your selections.
If you want to view more cost detail and select from more options, you can click the launch icon in the upper right hand corner of the card to open the Summary page in your HPE GreenLake Customer View screen in the HPE Consumption Analytics platform.

  • You will be logged into the HPE Consumption Analytics platform via Single Sign-on (SSO).
  • For help with the cost card in the HPE Consumption Analytics platform, see Working with the HPE GreenLake Customer View for detailed help on this page.