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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Customizing the Private Cloud Enterprise (PCE) showback card

The showback card displayed on the Private Cloud Enterprise (PCE) home page provides an at-a-glance look at the PCE current month cost on the HPE GreenLake Central dashboard. By default, this feature displays the current month's cost by Account Name, but you can customize the showback card to group the chart by a custom field instead.

Customizing the showback chart

To update the chart on the PCE showback card

  1. Click the Settings drop-down menu item on the card.


    The Settings overlay displays with Account Name selected by default in the Group by drop-down:


  2. Click the value in the Group by field to view the list of available string fields.


  3. Type characters in the Search box to search fields by their name or attributes. 


  4. Select the desired field from the list and click Save.
    The chart on the showback card is now grouped by the selected field: