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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Viewing Private Cloud Enterprise (PCE) cost and consumption

The Cost and Consumption card displayed on the Private Cloud Enterprise (PCE) home page provides an at-a-glance look at the PCE monthly charges on the HPE GreenLake Central dashboard. This feature displays all cost from your HPE Consumption Analytics account in a configurable bar chart: 


Understanding the chart

The chart shows the following information for the selected location in the current tenant: 

  • Month-to-date PCE charges
  • Last month's PCE charges
  • A bar chart showing the PCE charges for the current month and the 5 preceding months.

The months are listed in chronological order in the chart. 

The charges for the preceding six months are displayed if the date is the first of the month.  If there are fewer than six months of data to display, only the months with charges show bars.

  • For instance, if the current month is May and the PCE service began in March, the bar chart includes data for the months from December to May, but only displays the bars for March, April, and May.

Navigating to the HPE Consumption Analytics dashboard

You can view more details and analyze your usage and cost data in the HPE Consumption Analytics dashboard page in HPE GreenLake Central.

To navigate to the HPE Consumption Analytics dashboard

  1. Click the Details link in the bottom right hand corner of the PCE Cost and Consumption card.
    The HPE Consumption Analytics dashboard page displays:


  2. Select the dashboard you want to display from the pulldown list at top left (or you can create a new one).

    For further help and instructions for using HPE Consumption Analytics reports and analytics, see Creating and managing reports and dashboards.

To return to your PCE home page

  • Click < Private Cloud Home above the dashboard pulldown list.