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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Creating and editing dashboards

You can create one or more reporting dashboards, and add cards containing charts (visualizations) to them for quick visual reference. You can also view public dashboards created by others, and share the dashboards you create.  

Dashboards can contain cards from multiple reports, which may or may not be public (reports have their own visibility setting).  Only cards from public reports, and those added from your own private reports, are displayed in the dashboard.


For more information about reports and charts, with step-by-step instructions to create them, see Creating and editing reports and charts.   

Creating a new dashboard

To edit an existing dashboard, select Edit in step 2, then select the report to use from the Name pulldown list. 

You can then choose cards for your dashboard as needed per the remaining steps below. 

To create a new dashboard

  1. Click Details on the All Tracked Cost card in your HPE GreenLake Central dashboard.


    The HPE Consumption Analytics Dashboard page displays, showing your default analytics dashboard. 
  2. Click Create in the Actions pulldown list.
    The Edit Dashboard overlay displays.


  3. Click the + Card button (or the Add Card button, if your dashboard has no content).
    The Add card overlay displays.


  4. Click the Report pulldown to select the report you want to add a card from.

    If no charts are available from the selected report, an information message will display.

  5. Click the checkbox(es) for the card(s) you want to add to your dashboard (you can scroll right and left to view and select more cards if available).
  6. If you want to add cards from another report, click Apply + Add Another and repeat the above steps.
  7. When finished adding cards to your dashboard, click Add to return to the Edit Dashboard overlay.

Saving your dashboard

When finished creating your dashboard, you can save it from the Edit dashboard overlay.



To save your dashboard

  1. Name your dashboard
  2. Select Private or Public from the Visible to Others pulldown.
  3. Click the Save button.
    Your new dashboard displays:


What to do after creating charts and dashboards

You can create mapping tables and data rules to transform your data and enhance your reporting and analytics.

HPE Consumption Analytics - Setting up Reports and Analytics
This path will guide you through the steps to set up data sources and manage reports, charts, dashboards, mapping tables, data rules and service settings in HPE Consumption Analytics.
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