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Configuring services

This content is part of Onboarding new customers.

Service configuration is the second step in onboarding a customer in the GLBM. You can also change existing GLBM customer configurations. 

There are three steps in configuring services:

  1. Selecting service options
  2. Configuring resources
  3. Managing rates

The service configuration wizard walks you through these three steps.  For the first two steps, the available options and required data vary depending on the service being configured (see help links at the bottom of this page).  The third step, managing rates, is essentially the same regardless of the service type.

After a service is configured, the usage data and charges for that service cannot be seen in the CAP until the service is promoted to In Production status.  See Promoting a service.

The steps below begin with the customer selected in Getting Started.

On the Services page, select the action for the desired service, as shown in the following steps.

Starting service configuration

In this topic, 3PAR is used for illustration purposes. 

To begin service configuration

  1.  On the Services screen, click the ellipsis icon under Action in the desired row:


    This will display the Actions menu.
  2. Click Edit.


Next Step

To continue, click the appropriate service-specific help article under Articles in the navigation bar at the top of this page.


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