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Getting started

The ASM gives the GICD support team the Customer Amendment Form, which contains the information needed to create (or modify) a customer and configure services in the GLBM.

You can initiate the onboarding process or change a billing configuration from the Billing Accounts summary page of the GLBM. 

You can also initiate configuration changes from the Alerts page if an existing customer has unconfigured resources.

To help you navigate through the HPE GreenLake help content related to the process of onboarding and promoting customers, the following clickable map displays at the top of each help article in this section:


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Starting billing configuration

To start billing configuration

  1. Select the Billing Configuration menu item in the left navigation panel to open the Billing Accounts summary page.

    You can use the filter and/or search function to narrow down the selection list of billing accounts.


    Once you've applied a filter, you'll see the total number of records selected above the filter icon, and below the filter icon, the number of records displayed after filtering:



    You can enter part of the Billing Account Name or Billing ID number in the search field to further narrow the results.

  2. Click the ellipsis icon under the Tasks / Actions column in the desired row:


    This will display the following menu:


  3. Select Edit Services to select a service on the Services page.

You can also click the link in the Services column in the desired row to go directly to the Services page.

Next steps

Continue with Configuring services, if the billing information has already been entered and you don't need to change it.

Else select Edit Billing Info and continue with Editing billing information.

You can also click the customer name link in the Name column of the Billing Accounts summary page to go directly to the Billing Info page.

The sections that follow explain how to use the data from the Customer Amendment Form to populate the billing information and service configuration wizard.

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