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Documentation - HPE Cost and Consumption

Viewing reports

Reports run against the usage and charge data you collect. Reports in the HPE Consumption Analytics platform are highly customizable. You decide how to organize and filter the data to include only what you need in the report.  For example, you might want to see all charges, grouped by account, but only for the North America region. You can also pivot your data and export it, much like you can in Microsoft Excel.

Reports display in your default view, as widgets, and/or in the Reports page.  The HPE Consumption Analytics platform includes a set of default reports.  If you have the required permissions, you can create new reports.

Video overview

The following video helps you understand reports and how they are organized within the HPE Consumption Analytics platform:

Creating and managing reports

If you have the Manage Personal Reports or Manage Shared Reports permission, you can create reports. Sharing reports and editing shared reports requires the Manage Shared Reports permission. Also, if you have the Manage Shared Reports permission you can distribute reports through email to selected users and groups.

For more information and step-by-step instructions on creating and maintaining reports, see Creating Reports.