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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Working with the HPE GreenLake Customer View

This topic describes the default view for HPE GreenLake accounts.  This is the view that displays when you select Home from the left navigation. in your new account.

If your account is not an HPE GreenLake account, see topic Working with the default view for public cloud accounts for a description of your account's default view.

To help get you started, HPE Consumption Analytics platform includes a default view with the following pages. You can use this view as delivered, or use any of these pages in custom views that you create. 

  • Summary: Provides a summary view of data, featuring widgets and a detail report.
  • Monthly Charges: Shows usage for all services in your account.
  • Capacity Planning: Enables you to make decisions based on actual and forecast usage.
  • Reports: Lets you display and filter all of the relevant reports for your account.
  • Budgets: Enables you to define one or more budgets, and modify the default budgets.

Summary page

The Summary page provides an overview of data. 

You can select a pre-defined or custom date range, and use filters to change the type of data displayed on the page

The Summary page includes the following widgets:

  • Cost by Product donut chart that shows the top 5 products with the highest cost.
  • A Used Capacity by Product bar chart that shows capacity usage over time.
  • A Cost Trend by Product combo chart that shows the daily total cost of services by product. The bar for each day shows the relative cost for each of those services.
  • An Insights Summary widget shows the ways HPE GreenLake has identified for you to improve the cost and efficiency of your hybrid infrastructure.  For example, you can be alerted when a service is being underutilized.
  • A Current Month Cost report widget that shows details about usage and cost for different services in your account.

The costs shown are determined by the unit rate set by HPE (plus any markup applied if you buy HPE GreenLake services from a reseller).

Video Overview

The following video provides an overview of the Summary page in your HPE GreenLake view: 

For more information and instructions for working with the widgets on your Summary page, see Working with chart and report widgets.

Monthly charges page

The Monthly Charges page lets you compare actual usage to requested, installed, and committed capacities on a monthly basis.

See note regarding customer and partner views of cost under the Summary page heading above.


The Monthly Charges report is broken down first by service category (e.g., compute, storage), and then by the meter names within the service category.

For more information and instructions for working with this page, see Monthly Charges.

Capacity planning page

The Capacity Planning page lets you track and forecast usage against an installed capacity, which represents the resources available for use on a day-to-day basis. This can vary as hardware is brought in and out of service for maintenance purposes. Along with actual usage, forecast usage, based on historical data, is displayed. These values are represented in a chart at daily granularity and in a table on a per-month basis.

As an HPE GreenLake user, you will have committed capacity and requested capacity as two additional data points in both the chart(s) and table(s). Committed capacity is a minimum level of a given resource for which a customer has agreed to pay. Requested capacity means the resources installed to satisfy the committed capacity.

For more information and instructions for working with the Capacity Planning page, see Capacity Planning.

Budgets page

The Budgets page enables you to define one or more budgets, and tracks your spending against those budgets.  Depending on your customer or partner relationship to HPE, you can budget on quantity or cost. 

If you can only view usage, not cost, you can budget only on quantity, not on cost. 

See the section on customer and partner relationships in Using HPE Consumption Analytics with HPE GreenLake.

The Budgets page in your view begins with budgets for your most expensive service categories. You can edit these budgets, and create new budgets that suit your needs. Your view shows budgets you created and can edit, which are visible only to you, and budgets that others have shared with you (view only).

If you are an admin and have the Manage Shared Budgets capability (see Permissions) you can create budgets that can be shared with others. 

An arrow on the budget line indicates today's date in relation to the time span of the budget. Each budget line is either green, orange, or red, depending on whether you are within your budget, projected to be over your budget, or already over your budget. 

For more information and instructions for working with budgets, see Budgets.

Reports page

The Reports page lets you display and filter all of the reports you have permission to view.
You can choose the report to display, select a pre-defined or custom date range for the data displayed in the report, and use filters to change the type of data displayed in the report. 

For more information and instructions for viewing reports, see Viewing reports.

For more information and instructions for working with reports, see Creating and managing reports.