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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics


HPE Consumption Analytics portal provides our recommended set of pages for a concise, easy-to-use view of your cost data. The default view contains several pages, each with one or more charts or report tools, called widgets.  For public cloud accounts, the Default View page includes Summary, Reports, Budgets, and Forecasting pages, each with different charts and reports.

HPE GreenLake Accounts

Please see topic The HPE GreenLake Customer View for a description of the default view for HPE GreenLake accounts.


While you can't edit the global default view, you can copy it and modify the new view to suit your preferences. HPE Consumption Analytics portal administrators can also build views and assign them to user groups.  In this case, all members of a group have the same default view initially. The Home area shows the view assigned to your user group, and contains charts and reports tailored to your role. 

If you have the Manage Views permission, you can edit an administrator-assigned view, bearing in mind that changes you make to it will affect the views of other users in your group.  If you want to make changes to your own default view that don't affect everyone in the group, you can copy it to create an additional view, modify that, and make the new view your default.

For more information about working with pages, charts, and reports, see the topics that follow this one.

Video overview

The following video helps you understand your default view, a set of charts and reports that you use to analyze your cloud’s usage and cost: