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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Video Library

This topic contains videos to help you configure and use HPE Consumption Analytics platform.

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Cloud Cruiser became HPE Consumption Analytics platform in Nov. 2018.  We've updated the most frequently used videos, and retained certain Cloud Cruiser videos that may be helpful to you while we update the rest.


Welcome to the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal
Using the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal with HPE GreenLake


Understanding Your View
Viewing the Summary Page for HPE GreenLake
Viewing the Summary page for Public Cloud
Viewing the Monthly Charges page
Viewing the Capacity Planning page
Understanding views
Creating views
Adding widgets


Viewing and creating budgets
Creating shared budgets


Working with forecasts


Understanding Insights
Configuring the default insights
Creating new insights
Working with What-If

Health checks

Understanding health checks


Understanding the configuration process


Understanding collections
Configuring AWS collections
Configuring Azure collections
Configuring Google Cloud Platform collections


Understanding reports
Viewing reports
Saving and exporting reports
Creating and editing personal reports
Creating and editing shared reports
Distributing reports


Managing lookups

Fields and field packages

Understanding fields and field packages
Creating and editing fields
Creating field packages


Understanding SmartTags
Configuring conditions
Configuring actions


Understanding permissions
Setting user permissions
Setting group permissions