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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Managing messages from HPE

The HPE Consumption Analytics platform page header includes an envelope icon to let you know when you have messages about outages or new features.

  • When you have unread messages, a counter displays with the number of messages that need your attention.
  • When all messages are marked read, no counter displays.
  • When you have no messages (have never received any or have deleted all), the icon is dimmed.

To manage your messages

  1. Click the envelope icon to display the Messages overlay.
    The list on the left displays each message in a container with its subject, publish date, an excerpt of the body, and two action links. Messages are sorted from newest to oldest.
    By default, the read status filter above the list is set to All Messages, the first message in the list is selected, and its contents are displayed in the content pane on the right.

You can use the dropdown to filter the list by read status between All Messages and Unread Messages.

  1. Click anywhere on a message in the list (other than on an action link), to select it and display its contents at right.
  2. Once you've read a message, Mark or Delete it.

In the lower right corner of the message container, you can click the action link to toggle between Mark as Read or Mark as Unread

There are two ways you can delete a message permanently from your list.

  • By clicking the trash can icon at the top right corner of the overlay, which deletes the selected message.
  • By clicking the Delete action link in the lower left corner of the message container.

In both cases, you'll be prompted to confirm before deletion.

  1. When you've finished viewing and managing your messages, click Close in the lower right corner of the overlay, or the X at upper right.