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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Signing in with Microsoft

If you already have a HPE Consumption Analytics portal account, you can sign in to it using the credentials for your Microsoft account.  This allows you to manage just one password (the one for the external account), a capability known as single sign on (SSO).

To sign in to HPE Consumption Analytics portal with Microsoft

  1. Click the Sign in with Microsoft account option on the right hand side of the login page.
  2. When prompted, enter your AAD name in the Directory (Tenant ID overlay), or leave it blank to log in with a Microsoft account (see note).

You should ask your administrator for this name if you don't know it.

You can leave this field blank if all of the following are true:

  • Your Microsoft account is a Work or School account, not a Personal account
  • Your organization has only one directory
  • You are not a guest in any other organization's directory
  1. Click Sign in to Microsoft
  2. Enter your Microsoft account email on the Sign In overlay (see note).

If you entered an AAD name on the previous screen, the email address of your HPE Consumption Analytics portal account must be a member of the AAD you entered.   

  1. Click Next.
  2. Click Accept.
    As long as the email address of your HPE Consumption Analytics portal account, you will see the message "Loading', then your default view will display:

 If the Microsoft account email you entered doesn't match an existing HPE Consumption Analytics platform account, the following message will display:

In this case, please verify your Microsoft account email, and contact your HPE Account Support Manager (ASM) if necessary.