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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Health checks

As you configure HPE Consumption Analytics portal and collect data, HPE Consumption Analytics portal uses health checks to identify errors and potential problems that need your attention. As you work, note the number listed next to Health Checks in the navigation pane. This number indicates how many health checks HPE Consumption Analytics portal has identified. If the number box is red, at least one health check is critical, and needs your attention immediately. If the number box is orange, all of the health checks are warnings.
The title of each health check summarizes the problem. Text below the title provides more detail, as well as a link that opens a dialog box to enable you to resolve the problem. For example, if there is a problem with collecting data, a link in that health check opens the Editing Data Collection dialog box for the unhealthy collection.

Video overview

The following video will help you understand what health checks are, and how you can use them to keep Cloud Cruiser running smoothly:


The severity of each health check can help you prioritize which problems need to be addressed before others:

  • Critical: A error in your configuration that is interfering with your ability to collect and process data. For example, a collection might have outdated credentials to its source.
  • Warning: A situation that is not interfering with HPE Consumption Analytics portal's basic operations, but might be outside of your intended configuration. HPE Consumption Analytics portal calls your attention to warnings so you can verify whether you have the configuration you intended. For example, though a collection is configured with the correct credentials, it might not be collecting data.


HPE Consumption Analytics portal provides health checks for the following potential problems:

Health check Description
Invalid credentials The credentials entered for a collection are invalid, which prevents HPE Consumption Analytics portal from collecting data.

If you see this message for an Azure collection that was working previously, this could indicate that your Access Key has expired. For more information, see Collections.

This health check clears after the collection is saved with valid credentials.

Collection failed Though the credentials for a collection are valid, collection still failed for the listed date. For more information, see the collection status.

Go to Data > Collections, click the gear icon for the failed collection, and then click Status.

This health check clears after all failed days have succeeded.

Cannot collect for subscriptions

An Azure collection has enabled subscriptions to which Cloud Cruiser is not connected.

Either add these subscriptions to your collection again using sufficient credentials, or disable collection for them.

This health check clears when HPE Consumption Analytics portal can connect to all Enabled subscriptions in the collection.

Data is missing for a collection The collection failed at least once, leaving you without complete data for the listed dates.

Consider running collection again. For more information, see Collections.

This health check clears when there is no missing data from the effective date to a number of days back, determined by the collection type. (1 day for AWS and Google Cloud Platform; 3 days for Azure)

Collection retrieved no records HPE Consumption Analytics portal was able to connect to the data source successfully, but no data was collected.

Ensure that there is data to collect at your source.

This health check clears when there is no missing records from the effective date to a number of days back, determined by the collection type. (1 day for AWS and Google Cloud Platform; 3 days for Azure)

User <name> can see all data A user has access to all collected data. Usually, only the HPE Consumption Analytics portal Owner should have permission to view all collected data.

If the listed user should be restricted, either remove their data filter override to inherit data permissions from their group, or change their individual data filter. For more information, see Permissions.

This health check clears after you add a filter for the user.

User <name> failed to verify HPE Consumption Analytics portal sent a verification email to activate an account you created, but the user has not verified the new account.

Contact that person directly about verifying the account.

This health check clears after the user verifies the account.

If you do not intend to correct a situation that generated a health check, and you no longer want to see that health check in your display, in the Status field click hide.