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Documentation - HPE Usage and Analytics

Account Preferences

You can set preferences that apply to your HPE Consumption Analytics portal account rather than to you as an individual user. Today these preferences include only display settings for currency and locale, which are described in Currency and locale.

Permissions required

To edit account preferences, you must have the Manage Account Preferences permissions capabilit

Because the account preferences affect the experience of all users, consider giving this capability to a select few people

Setting preferences

You can set preferences such as currency and locale in Account Preferences.

To set account preferences

  1. From the utility menu in the top right corner, select Account Preferences.
    utilityMenu.png    utilityMenu_acctPrefs.png
  2. In the Account Preferences dialog, select a currency from the Display Currency drop-down list. This determines the currency mode and symbol to display across your account.
  3. Select your preferred locale from the Locale drop-down list. Note the timestamp format also changes to the selected locale format, for example, 27.9.2017 21:59:59 (Estonia/Estonian).
  4. Click Save. A message appears confirming the updates to your Cloud Cruiser account.

The date format updates throughout the application and appears in exported reports and budget mails. If you changed the Display Currency, symbols in the Cloud Cruiser interface change immediately. It may take several minutes for the conversion of your data from the previous currency to the new currency to process. Cost and Rate values fluctuate until the conversion is complete. To view the status of processes, click the notification icon on the upper right corner of the screen. The progress bar is blue when the process is running and turns green when the process is complete