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Documentation - HPE Cost and Consumption

Google Cloud Platform

The content in this article is being maintained for existing customers using this feature

HPE Consumption Analytics platform retrieves Google Cloud Platform usage and billing data using the Google Cloud Storage JSON API.  For more information about how HPE Consumption Analytics platform maps source provider data to HPE Consumption Analytics platform normalized fields, see Field mapping.

The usage data collected from Google Cloud Platform is at a product level, not granular enough to show individual VMs and other resources as does the data we collect from other public cloud providers. Therefore, some features of HPE Consumption Analytics platform do not support Google Cloud Platform. These include What-If, the default Insights for underutilized and overutilized VMs, and any report or other analytics element that relies on the Resource ID or Resource Name fields.

In addition, the billing data collected does not include any invoice-level charges such as taxes accrued or adjustment memos.

Video example

The following video shows you how to configure collection from a Google Cloud Platform account, so you can see your cost and usage data in HPE Consumption Analytics platform charts and reports: 

Before you begin

Before creating a Google Cloud Platform collection, you need to have the necessary Cloud Platform credentials. and you must enable a billing export in the Google Developers Console ( .

HPE Consumption Analytics platform uses a Google user account to connect with the Google Cloud Platform and collect data. This user account must be a Member of the Google Cloud Platform Project with the data you want to collect, and have Is Owner, Can Edit, or Can View permission to the project.

You must also enable a billing export to create the daily files HPE Consumption Analytics platform collects, and ensure that the Google account used by HPE Consumption Analytics platform to collect that data has access to the cost bucket containing the export files.

To enable a billing export from your Google Cloud Platform account

  1. In the Google Developers Console, open the Billing section.
  2. Click the the billing account from which you want to collect data.
  3. In the left pane, click Billing export.
  4. Specify the Bucket name into which billing reports will be exported.
  5. Make a note of this value, since you'll need it when creating a Google Cloud Platform collection in HPE Consumption Analytics platform.
  6. Specify the Report prefix for the Cloud Storage object name for the exported reports. The year, month and day will be appended to the prefix in billing file names. HPE Consumption Analytics platform uses this prefix to identify the billing files to collect.
  7. Make a note of this value, since you'll need it when creating a Google Cloud Platform collection in HPE Consumption Analytics platform.
  8. In the Format field, select CSV.
  9. Click Save

To enable access to the cost bucket

  1. In the Google Developers Console, open the Storage section.
  2. In the Navigation pane, click Browser.
  3. In the row for your cost bucket, click the options icon.
  4. Select Edit bucket permissions.
  5. In the Permissions dialog box, provide access to the user account you will use to allow HPE Consumption Analytics platform to collect the billing reports exported to this bucket. HPE recommends that you give this account Billing Account Viewer access.
  6. Click Save.

Creating a Google Cloud Platform collection

To create a Google Cloud Platform collection

  1. On the Data > Collections page, click the + icon.
    The New Data Collection page displays.
  2. Click Google Cloud Platform.
    The Credentials page displays.
  3. Select a Google user account with access to the cost bucket containing the data you want to collect.
  4. Enter your Google Cloud Platform Report Prefix and Bucket Name
  5. Click Next to display the Options page:
  6. Enter the following options:
    1. Enter a unique Name for the collection.
    2. Optionally, enter Comments about the collection (for example, you might describe the types of data you're collecting).
    3. Select the Earliest Date to Collect.  HPE Consumption Analytics platform collects data from this date forward. For example, if you had your cloud in a pre-production mode for a short time while you fine-tuned the services you offer, consider setting the date to the first day your cloud was in production.
    4. Select the Source Currency in which your cloud provider reports your charges. 
    5. If the Source Currency matches your account's display currency, skip the next step.
    6. If the Source Currency and your account's display currency do not match, select the following:
      1. Display Currency
      2. Locale

These affect your entire account, not just this collection (for more information, see Currency and locale).

  1. Click Finish.
    The new collection appears in your list of collections:

Any errors or warnings related to your collection will appear on the Health checks page.