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Documentation - HPE Consumption Analytics

Managing AWS linked accounts

This article explains how to configure access to your AWS linked accounts using the Manage Linked Accounts panel when creating or editing a collection.
The credentials and settings you provide here enable HPE Consumption Analytics Portal to collect your AWS usage and cost data.  They also collect resource utilization, application performance, and operational health data via the Amazon CloudWatch service. This not only provides richer reporting, but also enables Insights that alert you to take action based on these metrics.

For a list of the specific HPE Consumption Analytics Portal metrics collected from AWS and other providers, see Performance and utilization metrics.

To configure linked accounts

  1. For each account listed, enter the Access Key ID and Secret Key of an AWS user in that account who has the permissions required for the functionality you want to enable. For details on the specific permissions needed per function, see AWS permissions needed by Cloud Cruiser.
  2. If you have a linked account that is missing from the list and you want to receive CloudWatch metrics for it, click the Add button, enter its AWS Account ID and an Account Name, and repeat step 1 for it.
  3. Click Next (if modifying an existing collection, Save).

HPE Consumption Analytics Portal validates the credentials and settings as you enter them, showing the status of each account in the leftmost column. If you are missing the correct credentials or permissions for an account but want to save your work and come back later, toggle that account to Inactive in the rightmost column. Each account must be either valid or inactive to save changes in this panel.