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Using HPE Consumption Analytics with HPE GreenLake

The HPE Consumption Analytics Portal is the metering and analytics portal for HPE GreenLake, replacing the previous HPE GreenLake Portal. The HPE Consumption Analytics Portal offers many additional benefits, but one fundamental difference between it and the previous portal is that the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal also provides cost analytics for the consumption of public cloud services. This means that some of what you’ll find here — functionality, data fields, or other aspects of the portal — doesn’t directly apply to HPE GreenLake.

This page will help you, as a user of HPE GreenLake, to get the most out of the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal. It will help you find specific information pertinent to HPE GreenLake, as well as foundational concepts you need to know about the application as a whole.

This overview is relevant to HPE GreenLake account holders. 

Throughout the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal documentation, notes like this one are directed specifically to HPE GreenLake account holders.  If your account has HPE GreenLake services, please be sure to read these notes wherever they appear.

As HPE Consumption Analytics Portal is being integrated into HPE GreenLake Central, we are adding widgets to the HPE GreenLake Central dashboard.  See Working with widgets and reports in HPE GreenLake Central for specific information about working with these widgets

The HPE GreenLake Customer View

Your HPE Consumption Analytics Portal account comes with a default view containing several pages of analytics designed to address common scenarios for the HPE GreenLake community. 



The HPE GreenLake Customer View describes each of these pages.

It's particularly important that you understand the Monthly Charges page and the Capacity Planning page.  Also, be sure to review Customer and partner relationships, which explains what metrics you can view in the portal based on your relationship to HPE.

Viewing monthly charges

The Monthly Charges page replaces the Capacity Usage by Period report from the previous HPE GreenLake portal.  It shows your actual usage compared to your installed, requested, and committed capacities, as well as the corresponding costs. 


Each line item on this page for which capacities are listed is considered a meter.  When you work with detailed usage data in other areas of the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal, use the Meter Name field to identify these items. 

For more detailed information, see Viewing monthly charges

Capacity planning

The Capacity Planning page gives you the ability to keep track of your available capacity, to ensure you have enough to run your workloads, and to take action when needed to prevent a shortage from becoming an outage.



You get a trending view of actual usage compared to the installed, requested, and committed capacities, and a forecast of that usage, calculated with options you choose. You can group these results to do capacity planning at the level that’s important to you, from an entire category of service to a tier to an individual device.

For more detailed information, see Capacity planning.

Detailed usage data concepts

While the Monthly Charges page displays your high-level usage and charges in a specific way, the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal also allows you to create and configure your own analytics based on detailed usage data, to help answer the business questions that are important to your organization.

Some concepts that are important for correctly understanding and manipulating HPE GreenLake detailed usage data are explained in Understanding Usage Data Records.   The video overview that follows also describes these concepts in depth.

Useful data fields

Each usage record in the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal includes a set of required system fields that are normalized across all data providers to enable you to track usage and cost from HPE GreenLake alongside usage and cost from your public clouds in the same analytics. To understand how fields from your providers map to system fields in the portal, see System field mappings.

In addition to system fields, the portal offers other fields that vary by provider. For tips about fields that are particularly useful to HPE GreenLake users, see HPE GreenLake common field mapping. The video overview that follows also describes these fields.

Video overview

Watch the video below for an overview of using HPE Consumption Analytics Portal with HPE GreenLake.

To see more overview and tutorial videos, visit our Video library

Other useful links

We hope the preceding information serves as a helpful roadmap for using the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal with HPE GreenLake metering data.  Detailed information is also available on the following important features that pertain to the portal application as a whole:

- and a number of other topics you can find in the Guides listed in the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal category on this site.

There’s a lot to learn, so take advantage of the short how-to videos and detailed help available throughout the application, and remember you can find the latest enhancements and fixes in our HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Release Notes.

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