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Managing reports

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If you have the necessary permissions, you can copy existing reports to create new ones, edit existing reports, distribute reports via email, and/or edit report distribution. Sharing reports and editing shared reports requires the Manage Shared Reports permission. Also, if you have the Manage Shared Reports permission you can distribute reports through email to selected users and groups.

If you have the Manage Views permission, you can decide which users or groups of users can see each report in their views, through either the Report Details page or the Report widget.

For more information about views, see Views.

For more information about granting permissions, see Permissions.

Copying reports

If you want to create a report based on an existing report, you can make a copy and edit it.

To copy a report

  1. On the Reports page, click the ellipsis icon next to the report you want to copy,.
  2. Select Copy.
    A copy of the report opens in the report editor.

  3. Edit the report as you like, following the procedure shown in Creating reports.
  4. Click Save.

Be sure to give the report a new name and description.

Distributing reports in email

You can distribute any report by email to HPE Consumption Analytics Portal users and groups.

To distribute a report in email

  1. Open the Report Distribution dialog box using one of the following methods:
    • From the Reports list, click the gear icon next to a report and select Toggle Distribution.
    • Open a report, and then click the Email icon.
  2. Set the Distribution toggle to Active.
  3. In the Distribution Frequency field, select how often to email the report.
  4. Depending on the frequency you selected, use one or more of the On Day, On Hour, and On Minute fields to specify exactly when the report is sent.
  5. In the Time Period field, select the range of data to use in the report.
    This range is relative to the frequency you selected. For example, if you schedule Weekly distribution of the report, and you select a Time Period of Last 30 Days, the first report sent includes 30 days of new data. The next time the report is sent, it includes 23 days of data that was included in the previous report, plus 7 days of new data.
  6. In the Send To field, select one or more users or groups to receive this report.
    The report must also be shared with these users and groups for them to receive its distribution.
    After you select them from the list, they are added to the Shared with Whom? field.
  7. In the Email Subject field, enter a subject line for the email.
  8. In the Email Body field, enter the text to include in the body of the email.
  9. In the Export Format field, select the report file type attached to the email.
  10. When you are done scheduling email distribution for the report, click Save.
    Users will receive the report by email. For example:
Video example

The following video shows you how to schedule reports for email distribution:

Editing report distribution from the Reports page

If you want to change only the distribution of a report, you can do so directly from th Reports page.

To edit the distribution of a report

  1. On the Reports page, click the gear icon next to the report for which you want to change distriubution, and then select Toggle Distribution.
    The Report Distribution dialog box opens.

  2. Edit the distribution as needed.
  3. Click Save.
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