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Configuring the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal

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While you can configure and edit parts of HPE Consumption Analytics Portal in different sequences, HPE recommends that you follow the sequence listed below. Each step in the sequence includes a link to the article containing detailed information about that configuration step.

  1. Create one or more collections. A collection defines where HPE Consumption Analytics Portal should collect usage data, and provides the credentials for accessing that data. For more information, see Collections.
  2. Create SmartTag rules that define how your collected data is transformed and augmented before it is used in reports. For example, you can supplement your collected cost and usage data with business information. For more information, see SmartTag Rules.
  3. Create views that provide data in a concise dashboard of charts and reports, tailored for the specific needs of your users. For more information, see Views.
  4. Create reports that allow you and others to view your cloud data. For more information, see Reports.
  5. Create insight rules that alert you about situations in your cloud that are either costing you money or are potentially harming your environment in some other way. For more information, see Insights.
  6. Create groups and user accounts for the people that need to view usage and cost data. For more information, see Permissions

To help you navigate the articles in this process, the following clickable map appears at the top of each article:



Video overview

The following video shows an overview of the configuration process:

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