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Viewing monthly charges

The Monthly Charges page is only available for HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity accounts.  For these accounts, it replaces the Capacity Usage by Period report in prior versions.

The Monthly Charges page lets you compare the actual usage for your account(s) to the requested, installed, and committed capacities for each Meter Name per Service Category (e.g., Compute, Storage, etc.), on a monthly basis.  You can also see the anticipated charges for each meter.



The Monthly Charges report is broken down first by Service Category and then by the Meter Names within that Service Category.  For each Meter Name, the following metrics are displayed:


Field Definition
Installed Capacity The resources available for use on a day-to-day basis. This can vary as hardware is brought in and out of service for maintenance purposes.
Requested Capacity The resources installed to satisfy the committed capacity.
Committed Capacity (%) The percentage of requested capacity to which the customer has committed.
Committed Capacity The minimum level of a given resource for which the customer has agreed to pay.
Minimum Contractual Capacity

A calculation based on Committed Capacity, Actual Usage from previous months, and shrink rules or other billing model rules.  Understanding Minimum Contractual Capacity explains these rules.


This field only displays if it is higher than the Committed Capacity; otherwise it is the same value, therefore is not displayed.

Actual Usage The amount of resources consumed.
Capacity to be Invoiced The greater amount of the Actual Usage, Committed Capacity, or Minimum Contractual Capacity.  This can be broken down into multiple price bands.  Each band's range begins where the prior band left off.

Understanding Minimum Contractual Capacity

Minimum Contractual Capacity is a calculated value based on one of the following shrink rules:

  • 0% shrink – This means the Minimum Contractual Capacity can only grow as Actual Usage exceeds Committed Capacity, and not shrink back to the Committed Capacity.
  • 10% shrink – This means the Minimum Contractual Capacity can grow as Actual Usage exceeds Committed Capacity and will shrink back to the Committed Capacity - but will never shrink more than 10% of the previous 3 months' average usage.
  • 100% shrink – This means the Minimum Contractual Capacity can never grow, and will always be equal to the Committed Capacity.

Understanding estimated usage

You may see the message "(n estimated days)" under Actual Usage, with a footnote explaining that some or all usage data was not received for the number of days indicated during the month. To estimate the usage for those days, the usage data that was last successfully received is copied to the missing day(s).

Selecting an account

This only applies to users with access to more than one account.

To select an account

  1. Click the Account dropdown
    The list of available accounts is displayed.
  2. Click the name of the desired account.
    The report updates to display the selected account data.

Selecting a month to view

To select a month

  1. Click the Period dropdown.
    The list of available months is displayed, by year.
  2. Click the desired month.
    The report updates to display the selected data.


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