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Dear HPE Consumption Analytics Portal user, 


We are delighted to introduce the Cost Efficiency charts where you can find the usage and average cost over time for your virtual machine and relational database services on AWS and Azure.  





The Cost Efficiency page in the Public Cloud View helps you review the trend of daily total usage and daily average cost over time, so you can see how well you're doing with respect to cost optimization. For example, if your total usage of virtual machines and the average cost have stayed relatively the same over the last few months, there might be cost savings opportunities available to you, in terms of commitment-based pricing options such as reserved instances, or right-sizing, or termination.  


We try to collect not only the usage cost, but all the fees such as Reserved Instance upfront fees in our calculation for the average cost. We can achieve that with the AWS Costs and Usage Reports format. With Azure, we use the billing data from the Actual Cost data set. A future enhancement to use the billing data from the Amortized data set will allow the inclusion of the Reserved Instance upfront fee. For more information about this page, please see the user guide 


Best regards, 

The HPE Consumption Analytics team 



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