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Using HPE Consumption Analytics with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

The HPE Consumption Analytics Portal is a self-service web application that provides a variety of ways to view your current usage, plan for future usage, and optimize how you manage your hybrid IT infrastructure.  The portal offers you more than a set of static reports, providing out-of-the-box content tailored to your services, and the ability to develop your own dashboards, charts, reports, and other interactive features.

This overview is relevant to HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity account holders. 

Throughout the HPE Consumption Analytics Portal documentation, notes like this one are directed specifically to HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity account holders.  If your account has HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity services, please be sure to read these notes wherever they appear.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity Customer View

When you log into the portal, your home page is a default view designed to address common scenarios for the HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity community.  The main dashboard gives you a snapshot of your HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity and any public cloud environments, and can be customized to present the information you want to see, exactly how you want to see it.



Views let you organize your consumption data in ways that are meaningful to you. They’re made up of pages that contain related information in the form of charts, graphs, or reports. To get you started quickly, the default view provides several standard reports and widgets, and organizes them into relevant pages. The dashboards are fully interactive, so you can click within any of the widgets to filter what you’re viewing.

Building on the default view, you can create your own views for different tasks like budgeting and forecasting, or for different categories, such as storage or compute. To create a view, you can copy and modify an existing view, or start with a fresh palette. The widget library provides a selection of data visualizations – from bar charts, line graphs, and donuts to tabular reports. Just make your selections, and you’ll be guided through the appropriate steps to bring your visualization to life.


Insights provide proactive alerts into situations where you could be saving money or optimizing your services. They’re based on simple rules that can be customized to fit your unique environment, such as “tell me when a Flex Capacity storage array is nearing capacity” or “alert me when my costs in a particular location spike more than 10% from one day to the next.” The portal comes with several predefined Insights that are based on best practices, but you can easily modify their definitions or create your own custom Insights.


Monthly Charges

The HPE Consumption Analytics Portal's Monthly Charges report gives you a birds-eye view of your HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity usage and charges, comparing your actual usage of each line item against committed, requested, and installed capacities, and displaying the anticipated charges.  It also helps you identify missing data.  


If you're already familiar with the legacy Capacity Usage by Period report, you'll find the same level of detail with useful enhancements in the Monthly Charges report.

The portal also provides built-in operational reports for common use cases. And you can create your own reports using our simple drag-and-drop report experience. Just select the fields you want to see, how you want them grouped and organized, and watch your reports build live as you work. Best of all, you can easily share reports with others, so everyone has the information they need to make better decisions.

Capacity Planning

HPE Consumption Analytics Portal gives you a better way to manage your capacity and plan ahead for future workloads. The Capacity Planning page provides a variety of forecasting methods and leverages historical usage to help inform your decisions. You can manage your capacity at any level, from the highest to the most granular, with interactive charts and tables showing actual, installed, requested, and committed capacity.



Customizable budgets and notifications help you can stay on top of your usage and costs. You can set budgets on any field, share with users and groups, and customize your notification levels. Best of all, HPE Consumption Analytics Portal makes it easy to visualize your budget status at a glance and drill down into the details when necessary.



Product-Specific Pages

For each HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity product, a corresponding page with useful charts and reports is provided in your default view.



SmartTags are a set of rules that tell the portal how to assign tags to your data, adding business context so that usage and costs get allocated properly and your analytics are more meaningful. The SmartTags interface is powerful and intuitive, enabling you to apply data transformations in just the right places. You can view the effect of your SmartTags immediately, providing quick validation that your rules are correct.  SmartTags can be applied to new and historical data, providing more complete and accurate analytics.



To get the most relevant and secure reports and analytics possible, the portal offers flexible permissions capabilities. Within Permissions, you define users and groups and specify which product capabilities are available to them, such as the ability to manage reports or budgets. You can also limit the data that a particular user or group may view, such as by resource type or by location. This filtering option not only ensures data security, but also delivers the right type of data to the right user, driving faster decisions.


Video overview

Watch the video below for an overview of using HPE Consumption Analytics Portal with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity. To see more overview and tutorial videos, visit our Video library.



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